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Steam Soot Blowing Optimization:
Heat Management 

Titan is a distributor for the world’s most effective acoustic cleaning and steam soot blowing optimization system.


Heat Management's products can be found on equipment around the world. Their technology helps customers to maximize availability, efficiency and lifetime of equipment.

The BLRB availability is kept in check with steam sootblowers, that are operated in the same way since they were invented.
This costs 1-2 MUSD/year and boiler. 

Heat Management provides a patented, tailor-made solution for sootblowing twice as often, without consuming more steam in the recovery boiler. Savings are guaranteed at 30 %, with same or better boiler availability.


The benefits of this are:

  • Higher availability (less water washes and chill and blows)

  • Stable operation at higher liquor throughput à Increased pulp production 

  • Improved sootblower monitoring for preventive maintenance

  • Steam saved is used for process or generating sustainable power

  • Seamless integration with mill DCS

  • ROI < 2 years

Steam Soot Blowing
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