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Case Histories

Below are some recent case histories of Titan's work for our customers. We pride ourselves in using a unique
approach to problems with existing and new solutions.  


Air Cooled Steam Condenser Replacement (ACC)

Replaced customer's Air Cooled Steam Condenser that operates in extreme cold weather environment.  It has now been several years after our successful retrofit and customer has reported quick payback with significantly increased profits for the facility due to increased power output and more reliable operation of the ACC.


Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR)

Optimized and did a major retrofit on an existing selective Catalytic Reduction SCR system using our inhouse software and design technology.


Thermodynamic Optimization of Operating Plant


Reduced a large operating plan electrical usage by $500,000 per year with a $200,000 investment by optimization its system's thermodynamic cycle. Millions of rows of operating hourly operating data  from this Alberta facility were consolidated and calculated using engineering first principles to help the customer evaluate the decisions of the most optimum solution.  It is estimated the plant was losing $500,000 per year for the last 20 years before implementing this solution after our teams analysis.


Water Treatment SAGD


Pioneered a technique for extracting unused energy in a SAGD and CSS process, that is expected to reduce insitu plant's CO2 emissions per barrel of oil produced by 2.5-3% and significantly decrease overall water consumption.


Optimization of Air Cooled Steam Condenser (ACC)


Helped customer realize dramatic savings in optimizing their plant  air cooled condenser steam condenser (ACC) and modify its operation after reviewing DCS, manuals, drawings and plant data. Assisted customer with optimizations to reduce ACC downtime, thus increasing plant availability. 


ACC Debottlenecking Project

Customers site was heavily limited due to improper operation of ACC.  Helped customer trouble-shoot ACC operation to improve plant reliability and improve site profits.


Hydrogen Market


Participating in the development of technologies for gas turbines that are able to run using only hydrogen in Canada and the United States. 


 Plant Heat Transfer Optimization

Provided our design support and engineering services to a facility to create 25 MW of electricity from a previously unused high particulate waste heat resource that had not been utilized in 40 years.

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