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Aftermarket Support Services

ACC Air Cooled Condenser
Site Support
AIr Cooled Condenser ACC

Our team  of technical experts pioneered the single row tube technology in the 1990’s. This design is still industry standard used in Air Cooled Steam Condensers in Canada, the USA, and around the world today.


We offer trouble-shooting support from our team of inhouse engineers and technical staff with optimizing your air cooled steam condensers to maximize power output and in improving their availability


We provide assistance with diagnosing air cooled condenser: air leakage, tube failures, thermal imaging leak detection, wind screens, structural design, fans, etc.  We do VFD retrofits, damper retrofits/replacements and much more. 

We also a provider of Air Cooled Steam Condenser manual/semi-automtic/automatic water washing systems to prevent ACC performance degredation from fouling of the ACC tube banks.  

ACC  Commissioning + Startup and Pre-commisioning

As the only Canadian Air Cooled Steam Condenser manufacturer we understand the unique design requirements that come with Canadian ACC installations.  Proper installation and commissioning of ACC's is critical to short-term and long-term ACC , especially in cold weather 

We provide individualized site specific training and home office training for your staff. Assisting with programming of ACC DCS systems, checks of ACC control narratives,
pre-commissioning loop-checks.,etc. We provide site supervision for ACC installations and other installation services.

As an Canadian Air Cooled Steam Condenser design and manufacturer company we offer a unique skill set for helping you with your ACC. 

We work as partners with your staff to bring a successful outcome for your project.  Our team's many years of industry experience allows us to bring you a safe and successful startup of your air cooled steam condenser

ACC Air Cooled Condenser Training Programs
Design ACC Drawing.jpg

Our site training programs for air cooled steam condensers are renowned in the industry for being engaging, informative and participative.  

Having properly trained operators and engineers is especially important in Canada's cold weather climates.

A training program begins with a detailed consult with the client to understand their site or home office training needs. This may be done virtually or with a site visit when feasible.  Using this information a program is put together by the client stake-holder to develop a program based on our training library that meets their objectives and needs.


Training literature in both written and other electronic media is added as appropriate to the training program to allow for maximum engagement of the students  


Our goal in training programs it to make sure that our students understand both the fundamental basics that are critical to their equipment, but also understand the practical application of anything we teach. By mixing theory seamlessly with real world applications, we create an environment of learning that is retained and remains with the students.

Having fostered a working relationship with your staff in the classroom our training staff continue to make themselves accessible for calls/email to support your equipment months and years after the presentation.

Steam Soot Blowing and Acoustic Soot Cleaning Optimization
Acoustic Soot Cleaning Alberta

Titan is the distributor for Heat Manage's ground-breaking technology for optimizing steam soot blowing systems for Black Liquor recovery boilers and on acoustic infrasound cleaning systems for dust control applications. This technology continues to be sold in many industries across the globe.

More than 90% of the cleaning by a sootblower takes place during the sootblower’s initial stroke. When the sootblower is retracted, 50% of the steam is used unnecessarily at the same time as the soft ash is sintered into concrete-like deposits. With HISS (High Impact Sootblowing System), several sootblowers can be operated in parallel with or without return steam, i.e. more sootblowing, less steam, more easily removed ash.

Our Infrafone cleaners (low-frequency acoustic cleaning) improves the profitability of boilers. This has been achieved thru more efficient soot cleaning in e.g. economizers, air-preheaters and catalysts (SCR’s), with a general payback time of about 6 to 24 months. Traditional soot cleaning technologies such as steam sootblowing, shot cleaning, sonic cleaning (high frequency), and manual cleaning are generally heavily reduced or eliminated in these applications.

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