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Executive Leadership

Titan Air & Water Technologies Inc is headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.  Titan is a leading provider of technologies in the field of air cooled condensers, pollution control, plant optimizations and much more. Our team of technical experts are ready to assist you to make your project a success.  Titan provides engineering through Fair Canada Engineering Limited.

Our core values are integrity, hardwork, and honesty in serving our customers.

Bhushan Ranade
Bhushan Ranade


Bhushan is the president of Titan Air & Water Technologies and brings with him a wealth of design experience with air cooled steam condensers, air coolers, pollution control technologies and many other types of mechanical equipment applications.

More than 32 years experience starting as a process  applications engineer with a well proven track record in the Industrial, Petrochemical and Power Industry focusing on Technology Sales, Operations, Project & Construction Management, and Process & Applications. As one of the top global subject matter experts in his field, Bhushan is regularly invited to give presentations on pollution control and air cooled steam condensers for equipment owners, symposiums and technical conferences

Bhushan's contributions to the field of Air Cooled Steam Condensers​ have greatly contributed to the modern day air cooled steam condenser's design and operation.    Bhushan has also pioneered numerous advancements in pollution control technologies related to Flue Gas desulpherization (FGD), Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR), Selective Non-Catalytic Reduction Systems (SNCR), Wet ESP Electrostatic Precipitators, Dry ESP Electrostatic Precipitators, bag houses, scrubbers  and much more.

James Dukeshire


James serves on the board of directors of Titan Air & Water Technologies and as lead mechanical engineer.  


Has been practicing as an engineer since 2003 and contributes his unique skill set with computer optimization programs, process simulation, CFD, plant data analysis, steam turbine design, thermodynamic modelling, and other creative solutions.  


Specializes in fired and unfired heat transfer, combustion optimization and retrofits, water treatment for industrial usage, and many other applications.  James has led patent development in green energy technologies and water solutions for use in the Canadian Oilsands and other industries.  Has been involved with new advances in technologies ranging from supercritical CO2 Rankine cycle systems to enhancements of conventional combined cycle facilities.


James has provided technical trainings extensively to engineering firms, government regulatory groups, operating plants  and many other groups including: the Petroleum Alliance of Canada (PTAC), Canada's Innovations Oilsands Alliance (COSIA), Alberta Energy Regulator (AER), British Columbia Oil & Gas Commission (BC OGC), etc.

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