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Low Frequency Infrasound Soot Cleaning:
Heat Management 

Titan is a distributor for the world’s most effective acoustic cleaning and steam soot blowing optimization system.


Heat Management's products can be found on equipment around the world.  Their technology helps customers to maximize availability, efficiency and lifetime of equipment.

The infrasound soot cleaning method is based on infrasound which causes oscillations within the flue gas flow. The turbulence created by the oscillations prevents the accumulation of soot deposits on heat exchange surfaces.

The first installation of an Infrafone Sonic Soot Cleaner with the purpose to keep an industrial boiler clean from soot was carried out in 1978. The boiler was an MgO boiler in a paper mill at Stora Enso in Hyltebruk, Sweden. The success of that installation taught us about the power of infrasound. The experience that we have obtained over the years has taught us how to create value with infrasound. The properties of sound differ substantially depending on the frequency range. Sound can be divided into infrasound, audible sound, and ultrasound. Infrafone harnesses the power of infrasound, which is sound with frequencies below 30 Hz.

Generating infrasound is however not enough in order to obtain the desired cleaning effect. The success of our infrasound cleaning system lies in the unique knowledge gathered during more than 30 years of experience. Our continuous development has ultimately led to unique acoustic modeling software that simulates the behavior of infrasound waves in the customer’s application. Taking into account the dimensions and operational parameters of the boiler or the exhaust gas duct, the acoustic modeling software calculates the optimal installation location and parameter settings of each Infrafone Sonic Cleaner in order to get the desired cleaning effect. Therefore every Sonic Cleaner is tailor-made for each specific application and every customer’s individual needs.

Acoustic Soot Cleaning Alberta

Video showing the turbulence created during activation of an infrasound cleaner inside the economizer of a waste to energy boiler. By frequently operating a long range, preventive boiler cleaning system, deposits can be removed from heat exchangers before they sinter and adversely affects the process.

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